Real Estate, Divorces, and a Pandemic…

Real Estate, Divorces, and a Pandemic…


By: Reign West Collective
The pandemic robbed us of many things. People lost their lives, their jobs. Businesses went under, schools closed, mental health plummeted. But the pandemic also stole our relationships.
Divorces increased exponentially over that two-year period, the aftershocks still being felt by even the strongest of couples. In fact, the pandemic-induced break-up curve likely hasn’t even peaked yet. Now that courts have fully opened up again, there has been an influx of divorce cases that
are trying to get pushed through the legal system. California attorneys are seeing divorce rates surge with the aftermath of couples being stuck at home during COVID-19.
The stresses of the pandemic, from financial to emotional to physical, have forced many people to take a long, hard look at their partners, and figure out whether they want to move forward with them or get a fresh start.
One big roadblock on the way though? The family home. No one wants to leave it. No one wants to be the one to live in a tiny apartment while the other gets the house. No one wants to sell the house altogether and start anew, but oftentimes this is just the reality. And when children and custody issues are involved, these stressors are compounded. The problem with divorce situations that involve property is that emotions are high and can get in the way of making a financially sound decision that benefits both sides.


If you have made the decision as a couple to get divorced, it’s important to try and focus on the big picture. Look at the home sale as a business transaction vs. an emotional transaction. The process should be handled primarily as a business transaction, says Business Insider, with decisions being made on an investment and financial basis.
Couples who allow emotions or sentimental attachments to guide them during the sales process often make hasty, sometimes poor decisions. Divorce is an emotional trauma, akin to a death. The psychological effects of a separation, especially when kids are involved, can thrust both people into a full-blown identity crisis. “Who am I if not part of a couple?” “Where do I go from here?”.
The path to healing is a long one. Selling the house is an important first step in that healing process. You have to keep the end goal in mind: to make the most amount of money on the sale with both parties getting (mostly) what they want so everyone is satisfied with the outcome.
It’s also important to come to terms with transaction management as you work together one last time. There are many aspects of a real estate transaction, and each step must go smoothly for it to work. From the P&S to the appraisals and inspections, the ability to work together as a couple for the last time is crucial to the overall success of the process.


Sometimes the bridge to the gaping divide between separating couples is the real estate agent.
Some real estate agents even specialize in working with divorcing couples — a situation that certainly poses many unique challenges. Often, these agents double as mediators, as they try to manage the many emotions that are brought to the table (anger, fear, mistrust, etc.)
Choosing the right real estate consultant with experience in divorce home sales is key.
Because they deal with these situations on a daily basis, they know how to diffuse tense situations, resolve differences, and keep everyone civil so that a mutually-agreeable conclusion can be met. Such an agent is trained in the art of diplomacy, and they know how to deal with emotionally charged conversations, harnessing the situation and guiding it to the most peaceful resolution possible.
In addition to a strong real estate consultant, you will also each need a strong attorney – preferably one skilled in both real estate and divorce. Attorneys will protect both parties’ legal rights throughout the home sale.
In the end, the goal should be to move on with your lives. Yes, divorces are emotional, and so are custody cases. But don’t let the conflict of the divorce fog the details of the home sale.
It’s time to move forward with your life!


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