So fresh and so clean

So fresh and so clean

So Fresh and So Clean

Roaming the streets of San Diego, and occasionally stationed outside of “Park and Rec” you’ll find the food truck Simply Fresh. With a California cuisine inspired menu, you’ll have a tough time choosing exactly what you’ll want to try. While I wanted to gorge down on everything I read from the menu I told my gluttonous self to make a choice, and boy did I choose right. As I gave my order to the beautiful server she told me that she would bring the food inside the bar as soon as it was finished. (Awesome)

After about 15 min I was given my food at the bar as I was working on my second Pimm’s cup. As she set the food down I found a beautifully prepared cubano panini. It was served in the perfect proportion, and as I took the first bite I was greeted with savory flavor and freshness you can’t help but taste. I’m excited to try more of the menu the next time I’m up in University Heights. Check out their menu below and be sure to give them a follow.

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