Best dog friendly neighborhoods in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most dog friendly cities, we have beaches, hiking trails, cafes, bars, and stores that welcome our furry little friends.

With perfect weather all year round, who wants to stay indoors with their best friend when you have places to explore? This is our guide for the best San Diego neighborhoods dog owners should consider when choosing a home or to pay a visit with your best friend in the entire world!

1. Pacific Beach

What’s great about Pacific Beach is that everyone is dog friendly and its just a few steps away from one the most well known spots for your dog to have the time their lives! Fiesta Island is a big, off-leash dog park with a small bay where your dog can run around and play in the water. Outside the park, this neighborhood is known for its incredible options for dining and getting a few drinks. There are places like Enoteca Adriano, Pacific Beach Fish Shop, and our personal favorite Barrel Republic. Pacific Beach is considered a very walkable neighborhood so you’ll have no trouble finding a place fido hasn’t yet sniffed.

2. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is one of San Diego’s fastest growing communities. Home to Hodads and an amazing surfing culture the neighborhood offers a very dog friendly environment. Your friend will love the ocean breeze and the friendly attention from the neighbors. Ocean Beach is a great community with many restaurants, bars, and a plethora of locally owned businesses. Just a few miles out from fiesta island and sea world there wont be a boring day for either you or your pooch.

3. North Park

North Park/Hillcrest is San Diego’s hottest neighborhood right now. The neighborhoods flex with many offerings, nightlife and recreational options What make these neighborhoods special for your dog is being close to the city’s most beloved attraction: The Historic Balboa Park. It’s the largest urban park in the country, and is home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo and 80+ museums Dog-friendly Grape Street Park, Nate’s Point and Morley Field are all located around the park. Imagine how happy your dog will feel when taking out to all this space! You’ll be able to find plenty of spots to toss around that Frisbee.

4. El Cajon

Along the outskirts of San Diego, El Cajon is home to Wells Park, an off leash dog park that stretches out 1.4 acres. If you’re looking to move to the East county there is no better spot for your furry friend to run around in the grass and play fetch. This neighborhood is very friendly and up and coming with its nightlife scene. There are plenty of walkable areas so you won’t have any trouble taking your dog for a stroll through the neighborhood.

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